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Our Professional Solar Services

Solar panels are making the world a better place. But over time, solar panels get dirty, resulting in less energy production. The soiling hurts investment returns and increases your electricity bills. So what can you do to keep your solar panels performing optimally?
Keep your panels clean all the time with Eco Bright Solar. Eco Bright Solar has developed a top of the line preventive maintenance service that keeps your panels cleaned regularly, eliminating soiling losses.

Benefits of Eco Bright Solar

With Eco Bright Solar, you will enjoy worry free maintenance with up to 30% more energy production, putting money back in your pocket where it belongs.
  • In business since 2014.
  • Partnered with top solar companies in California.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Trained solar maintenance professionals.
  • State of the art monitoring systems.
Eco Bright Solar is your preventive maintenance solution to address panel soiling and maximizing power production economically. Other cleaning methods present several problems, when your cleaning is done by a non-professional, meaning your solar might not be properly cleaned, paying for a service that does not accommodate your need due to quality of service.
Cleaning panels without knowledge, training, and experience can cause catastrophic problems.
Rikki performing technical services to a residential home.
Having Eco Bright Solar on your side eliminates all of your worries. Our system will make you money by minimizing soil losses and it will also preserve your panel warranties. Our system avoids all improper techniques. We have been creating our safe and reliable system since 2014. Our simple and ingenious methods are for every type of system, from residential rooftops to utility-scale tracking systems.

State of the Art Technology

Industry Expertise & Quality Power

We are now widely exempted across California, providing a mature and advanced solution to our growing market. Eco Bright Solar is your trusted solar professional.
Start protecting your investment today with Eco Bright Solar.